The Mediterranean Passion

The best olive oil products from the sun-drenched fields of Turkey straight to your doorstep.

What is Art of Olive?


Art of Olive is made of a band of scouts dedicated to find the best olive oil products available.

We’ve travelled the world searching for gold, but in the end we settled in the olive farms of Turkey; there was just no comparison. We thought to jealously keep our findings to ourselves, but in the end, we couldn’t help and share them.

We bring olive oils straight from Turkey to Switzerland where we thoroughly check them for quality. All our sauces and gift selections have been created by our Art of Olive team.

The best in your kitchen

We believe only the best should be in your kitchen. When it comes to olive oil, the range of bottles you find on a shelf can be confusing. Leave the sorting out to our Art of Olive Scouts.


Health is very important to our way of cooking. That’s why we offer organic products. Even those that are not certified organic come from olive farms that follow our values for healthy olives and sustainable farming.

The Perfect Gift

Our olive products make for great gift ideas. Check our selection of gift packages or let your loved ones choose for themselves with a gift card.

Discover Our Selection

Why order from Art of Olive?


We not only offer you the best quality, but also the fairest price. You buy at the best value for your money.

All our olive oils are Extra Virgin comparable to a Grand Cru wine.

Our two olive oils “Early Harvest” and “Bio” are single-variety and multi-award winning among the 50 best extra virgin olive oils worldwide.

The production takes place in a small family business with the most modern technology. The process of pressing is done under exclusion of oxygen.

Our olive oil is fresh, fruity and mild. Therefore also suitable for the connoisseur who prefers a balanced and round taste.

A Swiss company

We are based in Mellingen, Switzerland, and that comes with the expectations you get from a Swiss company, mainly reliability and high quality of products. We strive to earn the trust that comes from our nation, and our customers seem to notice and come back.


Only the best products discovered by our Art of Olive scouts make it to our online shop. If you’re not satisfied with one of our products, contact us and we’ll make sure to replace it.


It’s not because we’re based in Switzerland that we have to be expensive. We want the best olive oils to reach as many kitchens as possible. That’s why we keep our prices affordable by keeping a lean supply chain.

Tüba Saxer

Tüba is our founder and lead scout. It was her original passion for olive oil and her love of sharing that sparked Art of Olive into life.

A family bound by passion


The Art of Olive team is composed of a few people that share a passion to provide great quality of work. Our farmers work hard under the shade of olive trees to grow the finest olives. Our package design crew cares greatly to translate the tasting experience of our products into a visual package. Our shipping team ensures our products get to your home in pristine conditions. And of course, our scouts are always on the hunt for new ideas, new recipes, and new products to surprise you.

All these people come together into a family bound not by blood, but by passion.

Tailor-made packages


Our online shop already offers various packages fitting most occasions. Our customers surprise their friends and loved ones with thoughtful gifts. Whether at a dinner party, a celebration, or simply to say thank you, your attention goes beyond expectations.

And sometimes, the occasion requires something unique. For such happenings, you can request a gift package tailor-made to your wishes. Contact us, describe your intentions, and we’ll take care of the rest.